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Additional services

  • Refugee Law Clinic Hannover e.V.

    The Refugee Law Clinic Hannover e. V. offers information about the asylum procedure as well as free advice on all legal issues concerning the procedure. It is a student association at the Faculty of Law, established by law students and research staff at Leibniz Universität Hannover. Advice is provided in close cooperation with asylum law experts, lawyers and relief organisations.

    More information:
    Refugee Law Clinic Hannover e.V.

  • University Sports

    University sports in Hannover offers all students and members of staff a comprehensive sports programme with over 100 different types of sport and sport activities. Over 700 courses that run for different lengths of time are offered each semester, not only during the lecture period but also during vacation. The aim is to do sports together, to keep fit and to achieve a healthy balance in everyday university and working life. Refugees are very welcome to take part in sports classes! You have to register for our Guest Auditor Program to participate in a sports course.

    More information:
    University Sports
    (Zentrum für Hochschulsport)

  • Financing your Studies

    As a refugee you can get financial support f.e. by the social welfare office or the job centre. Once enrolment has been processed, your right to receive social benefit ends. You need to pay for your living costs (including flat rent, groceries, health insurance and semester fees) by yourself. This will cost you around 700€/month. Please find below information about programs and institutions that help you to ensure your income.

    In Germany, the universities and colleges do not administer social services for students themselves - this is the task of the "Studentenwerk". They provide food in cafeterias and student cafés and assist students in finding accommodation in student houses (dormitories) or on the private market. They support students with children, help them find financial aid, offer legal and social advice and promote cultural activities for students as well. They are dedicated to make student life easier! Feel free to take advice during the office hours.

    BAföG is a state-funded financial aid programme for students. The amount of BAföG you can receive depends on certain factors. The maximum amount is 720 euros per month. As long as you and your parents do not have a sufficient income, you are normally entitled to receive BAföG for the duration of your standard period of study. You are obliged to start repaying this government loan, i.e. half of the total funding, in regular instalments no earlier than five years after graduation. Your residence status and your personal qualifications (welche denn?) play a role whether and when you are entitled to receive BAföG.

    Recognized and "tolerated" refugees can apply for BAföG. If you still seek for asylum, it is not possible to get BAföG. If you have any questions regarding your entitlement, please contact the Studentenwerk.

    Germany Fellowship/ Lower Saxony Fellowship
    As a student of the Leibniz Universität Hannover you can apply for the Germany Fellowship (Deutschlandstipendium). The amount of this fellowship is 3600€ to be paid in monthly installments of 300€ over two semesters. The funding starts each winter semester. The Lower Saxony Fellowship is a single instalment of 500€ paid at the end of the year.

    Next application deadline for both is the 30th of September 2017.

    Get detailed information and application in German here.

    Scholarship Database
    The following links will lead you to the scholarship programs, i.e. the database of the DAAD as well as to the addresses of single trusts. On the trusts individual website you can search for further scholarship programs.

    Scholarships Database of the DAAD

    Many students work to finance their living expenses. You can look for jobs on the websites listed below.



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